Meals In Heels

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Wine & Dine while exploring 'Meals in Heels' with Liz Ogumbo's quick meals prepared delicately and carefully under 30 minutes in line with her philosophy "pairing is caring.


Today I am preparing a prawn curry inspired by the Swahili culture, served with Kachumbari (a swahili inspired salsa-like salad) and Chapati (indian-inspired flat bread).


This meal pairs really well with our quite versatile fresh and crisp ‘Liz Ogumbo’ Msenangu wine (Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay 2017). The tropical citrus aromas experienced in this wine compliment the lighty spicy prawn curry served with the kachumbari and chapati. Generally, a sauvignon blanc or a big oaky chardonnay would also pair well this dish, however, whatever makes your palate tick is also just as acceptable.




"Good food only enhances the wine experience beyond a glass of wine.


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Let's take this to the next level!




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